Life @ KEC

Exam Section

KEC has a centralized Examination Section that looks after all tests and examination within the college. Its main task is to program and organize examinations and to keep academic records of the students.


Periodical Tests/Unit Tests: Tests are conducted on a regular basis in the form of end-of-chapter tests and unit tests. Students have to appear for all these tests. Their scores add onto the final internal marking.

Progress Report

KEC regularly monitors its students individually. It prepares progress reports on the basis of alternate dat test (ADT), Assignments, Attendance and class Performance and distributes these to the parents; once during the middle of the semester and then again, at the end of the semester. The progress reports help students evaluate themselves personally and also help them grow.

International Unit

KEC has its own international unit for the conduction of various research efforts and project works that aim to motivate the students as well as the various faculties through the use of the very latest technology.

Research and Development

The Office of KEC Research and Publications (OKRP) was launched, with support from an enthusiastic team, on January 1, 2013. The main purpose of the OKRP is to encourage research and writing amongst the faculty and students of KEC. The office consists of a Research Advisor, various Research Coordinators and Editors.

It envisions exploring research-based educational practices through research, seminars and talks as well as through the continual publication of research journals. The office published its first official journal, the “KEC Journal of Science and Engineering” (KJSE) on July 6, 2013. This journal is a joint venture featuring the faculties of the various departments within the college i.e. the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, the Department of Computer Engineering and the Department of Electrical Engineering. The primary objective of the journal is to support the extension and further development and dissemination of knowledge in the field of science and engineering for the benefit of academics. It also serves the purpose of encouraging and practicing enterprises based on Research and Development (R & D).

Yog and Discipline

KEC values discipline and expects so from its students. To instill discipline (physically, mentally, socially and spiritually) in them, we practise compulsory yoga sessions which includes Asanas, Pranayama, Yog-Nidra and Meditation. For this we have a full-time yoga expert with us. Our experience shows that yoga has cultured positive thinking, the value of hard work and patience, along with good memory power amongst our students and faculty members. Apart from these benefits, yoga sessions have also helped students improve their physical health and helped them with problems like neck, back pain, eye problems and insomnia.

Shanta Kharel
Yoga Instructor


I am Nabin Thapaliya, first year student of Kathmandu Engineering College. Here I am going to share some of my yoga experience which has been practicing in this college since its establishment.

I am an architecture student, for once, I have experienced over working myself to that point that I have neglected the state of my health. I was too busy that I have forgotten to eat regularly and to sleep on time because of submission. Basically, I was so engrossed with my work that I became unaware of the negative effect of my action. As a result, I was exhausted all the time, I got sick more often and my body began to deteriorate externally and internally. When I realized that these consequences could really harm me, I started to modify my schedule according to our yoga sir’s suggestion. I gradually lessened my work load and allotted more time for wellness and relaxation.

I found yoga as the best method for natural healing. Ever since I became involved in this kind of physical exercises, days of restlessness and fast-placed itineraries were long gone. Yoga has really changed the way I live my life. It is not only the toning of the physical body but of the mind and spirit as well. Yoga is holistic experience that strengthens all the aspects of being human. So thank you all the yoga team, thank you KEC for providing us such a wonderful opportunity.

Nabin Thapaliya

There are certainly no doubts regarding the benefit of yoga in today’s world. We all are well aware of physical disorders, unhealthy lifestyle choices and endless emotional problems. Unfortunately, we of today’s generation are quite the victims of stress, anxiety, etc due to considerably competitive environment. Especially, students like us are quite into irregular eating habits, examination pressure and other few stressful lifestyles.

 Yoga as a part of daily routine not only makes me able in achieving peace of mind, increases energy level and improve flexibility but also explores my cognitive potentiality and to channelize it into right direction in right time and place. Yoga brings forth thoughts that that we need to be focusing on, which play significant role in boasting memory than therapies. The yogic environment and principle encourages me to focus and concentrate on one thought while gently setting aside distraction. It is quite handy in building determination and stays determined.

 But there is nothing instant in yoga and you need to trust the process on how things are going. These phenomena undoubtedly would boast your determination and you will tackle every challenge.

Sovita Subedi

Every morning KEC has been providing the 1st year students with yoga facility which has been really helpful to me. At first, I had no idea that it would do such thing. Before, I used to suffer with allergy rhinitis and it really hampered on my studies. Almost Everyday, especially during the morning and evening I used to sneeze continuously and my eyes were itchy and watery and I had to take medicine because of this I couldn’t concentrate towards my study .I used to feel sick almost everyday. But after one or two months of doing yoga I started to feel like the allergy is almost gone and now I don’t have to take any medicine. It has been like a miracle to me. I feel fresh and can concentrate on my studies.

Another important benefit that I got is from Savashana. After performing that I feel calm and relaxed and energized and I can focus to my work better. My mind wonders less and I can concentrate more to my work.

Shriya Gautam
Roll No. 74040

Yoga, not just considered as one of the means of physical fitness, but also to spiritual and mental perfection. It is an art which connect our soul, mind and body. Yoga has been very effective for me as it has helped me to stay calm, relax, motivated and concentrated all the time

At first, I found yoga, a fun class for me but soon I realizes that some improvements in my physical and mental health. A sense of patience and happiness arise in me every time. Following the daily routine of eight hours class, completing assignment and presenting reports made me tired and dull. But by performing posture live Sabasana, Vastrika, Pranayam and Suryanamaskar made my physical and mental health better and also kept me motivated. Ultimately, my life changed from quantitative to qualitative one. I feel very much delighted to be apart of this wonderful class and look forward to continue throughout my life.

Amar Kumar Singh
Roll No. 74011

Notes of Gratitude from KEC Students Thankful for the College’s Provision of Regular Yoga Classes Zig Ziglar says, "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing that's why we recommend it daily." Guidance and counselling unit in our college believes the same, recognizes our necessities and inspires us to focus in our aim. The continuous motivation this unit provides encourages us to keep working hard and be a person of good moral.

Yoga classes help a lot in the improvement of our personality, thoughts and changes our perspective about life. The value of prayer, meditation, mental and physical exercise is to be realized by every individual. And through yoga, we are provided with an environment to
enlighten our inner soul and freshen up our attitude, thoughts that boost up our spirit to work hard no matter what life brings up.
No success is possible without inspiration. In fact inspiration is all that matters. Without inspiration, there can be no diligence, no
confidence and no passion; thereby no success. My humble gratitude to guidance and counseling unit for their constant support and motivation that really makes our journey in KEC easier.

Dikshya Adhikari

Electronics and Communication (69034)

Yoga has proved to be one of the powerful tools in my life that helped me to stay positive and focused on my studies and work hard around 8 hours without getting tired and still maintain a sound health… 30 minutes of regular Yoga has always kept me happy… I feel blessed for Yoga being a part of my life and I recommend it to everyone...

Rupesh Yadav

Civil (70078)

Health is intrinsic of life and steps to flatten miraculous imagination, which is very potent to get high attitude of society as well as world.
The regular practicing yoga with mediation contributes a lot of positive impact in human body and psychology. The eternity of yoga makes us creative, innovative, patient, determinacy, confident which leads us to achieve both physical and spiritual happiness.
In my experience- I have realized so many positive changes in my own life from yoga and meditation. It drives me towards good habits
and life style that empower my learning ability, diligent manner and co-operative attitude which triggered self actualization phenomena.
Therefore let’s instigate yoga to thrive our life in order to break rampant devastation of society; it might be antidote to create society through development, discipline and dynamic.

Prawin Adhikari


Microsoft Students Partners

For the past three years, Microsoft has been involved in various ways with the college and its students. It has been appointing Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) in the college ever since its fist involvement. MSPs are the bridge between the college and Microsoft. Various trainings are organized on a regular basis, and these have proven beneficial to students.

The most significant contribution made by Microsoft to KEC directly is the distribution of Genuine Software for free. A majority of us do not care about the consequences that we may face by using pirated software and neither do we have enough finance to support all the genuine software that we use. This approach by Microsoft has allowed everyone to have their own genuine software, worth tens of thousands of rupees for free.

The introduction of a students’ technology club makes fellow students organize their events in the IT field. All the students—new, old, as well as the alumni—are entitled to a username through MSPs that help login to the main server for genuine keys of all Microsoft products. Besides distributing software and training, various other events are organized on a regular basis to help student understand the various technological changes going on in the world. Several national and international speakers regularly facilitate talk programs at our college.

Job Placement Services

KEC’s job placement service works as a bridge between the world of work and the economic environment. We help students make a successful transition from college to work. The college helps students and graduates obtain positions in line with their specific interests and needs. Over the past two years, we have placed a number of students in reputed organizations and shall continue these efforts in the years to come.


KEC believes that different types of extracurricular activities help students mentally and physically, and adds to their all-round efficiency. We encourage students to get involved into some kind of sporting activity. We organize sports weeks within the college, and support intra-college competitions.

At present we have following facilities:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Table- Tennis

Internet Facilities

Students get access to online browsing at the college computer laboratories. They may do so during recess or non-class hours.

The college has an e-learning facility from where students download tutorials, notes, and so on. E-Clearance has been facilitated for student clearance. E-Attendance system for students has also been facilitated for minutely monitoring student attendance in class.

The college has created two Wi-Fi zones within its premises: the Library and Canteen. Student can surf the internet and broaden their knowledge even during recess.

Information Center

The KEC information Center has been established for the sole purpose of giving ample information to students, parents, guardians or to anyone who wants to know about KEC. It is an information archive where everyone can be updated on college day-to-day activities.

Survey Camp and Field Visits

Third year civil students carry out a two-week survey camp in accordance with their subjects. This field work simulates the actual field condition for the execution of detailed topographical survey. Students of Architecture, Electronics, and Computer and Electrical department also carry out field visits which help them grasp their subject matter practically.


KEC has its own fleet of buses available. They are used on college days and also made available for site visits, survey camps, researches, participation etc.

Hostel (Boys)

KEC runs its own hostel, completely equipped with modern facilities. It has a good security system, comprising of a warden, guards and service personnel. Separate arrangements are made for girls seeking hostel facilities.

  • Room capacity 19 with various sizes.
  • Room and Bed option: single, double, triple and quadruple.
  • Each student is given a closet, table, bed and chair.
  • Mesh with hygenic food at reasonable price.

Hostel (Girls)

KEC always wants the best for its students. Pupils who are from outside the Capital or live in its far outskirts can avail of hostel facilities within the campus if they find that they can concentrate in their studies better in such an arrangement. From this year onwards, KEC is running its own girl’s hostel. The hostel has a great ambience and is perfect for study and concentration. It is well-equipped with an impeccable security system comprising a warden, a guard and service personell.

Facilities provided at the KEC Hostel

  • Room capacity is 12, with various sizes.
  • Room and bed options: double, triple and quadruple

Stationary / Photocopy Center

Stationary is available inside the college premises, which supplies materials for studies and practical courses. It also has facilities like photocopy, printing, lamination, binding, etc.

Spacious Library

KEC’s comprehensive library has separate sections reserved for the various courses offered in engineering. Besides, it has separate spaces for periodicals and other learning resources including newspapers, news magazines and research manuals.

Students can borrow course books and use reference books from the library under library rules. The KEC library accommodates over 50,000 course/ reference books, text books and course manuals. We have e-learning facilities where we host ftp server (file transfer protocol) for online resources in the library.


The KEC-Cafeteria serves breakfast, lunch, snacks and bakery products at reasonable costs. It serves hygienic food in several tastes.

Guidance and Counseling

This unit looks after the welfare of the students, collective as well as individual. KEC believes that the students at this level go through a lot of stresses, which requires correct and prompt addressing for overall efficiency on the part of the students involved. Thus this unit is established to address such situations and help students concentrate on studies. Moreover, Guidance & Counseling also looks over various aspect of the student through three different sub units.
i. Academic Counseling The Academic Counselor genuinely looks after the academic activities of the students, guiding them towards academic excellence.
ii. Physical Fitness Counseling The Yoga Guru or Yoga Counselor looks after the overall physical as well as mental fitness of the students.
iii. Psychological Counseling The Psychological Counselor particularly looks after those students who are finding it hard to cope with their education, or are depressed or frustrated with daily life. The counselor helps them with outmost care giving them the confidence to break through their problems. Most students encounter challenges beyond the scope of teachers’ awareness at some point during their study career. In experiencing such dilemmas, many students develop the adaptive coping skills that help them navigate life’s difficult experiences. Despite the natural coping ability that most students exhibit, their teachers can be ill-equipped to provide proper guidance and counseling in the way that students adapt, change and grow through the process of learning from outcomes and mistakes, thus this unit assess their outcomes in order to better guide their students.

Guidance and counseling holds a strong foothold in our day to day life.

  • It provides assistance to an individual in developing an insight, recognizing his/her strengths and weaknesses and finding out his/her interests.
  • It makes an individual capable of taking his/her own decisions keeping in mind his/her morals, family and society.
  • It helps an individual to understand himself and the world around him.
  • It helps an individual to become self directed person.
  • It helps an individual develop positive attitudes and values towards work and society at large.
  • It helps in the total development of an individual; both cognitively and affectively.

“After the completion of their high school education, students of Bachelors’ level find themselves in an open environment where they have to face complex problems such as stress, anxiety, frustration, difficulties in adjustment, low key esteem, and in more severe cases, depression, drugs addiction and ultimately the major problem that is suicide.

The Guidance & Counseling Unit at LEC looks over all these problems through personal and psychological mediums, and also by providing students the opportunity of physical development through yoga and meditation. The mission of this unit is to support the college in achieving academic goals by assisting students with personal challenges that interfere with their academic progress. Professional psychological confidential counseling and physical exercise and meditation through Yoga are made available to all students who are in need.

This Unit encourages students to focus on their overall developmental needs which may include academic, personal, physical, interpersonal or social growth.”

Er.Rajan Lama

Chief, Guidance Counselor
Guidance and Counseling Unit

KECians Speak of the Benefits of Counselling

During exam, I can’t study due to various problems. I think, I can’t do anything further. There are lot of problems arises during exam time also. I was afraid that I can’t give 100% in my exam. Due to the help of counseling, I feel better and I can appear my exam. Today I become a successful Engineering. The whole credit goes to the members of KEC especially the department of counseling. Counseling is the best treatment to make our mind cool and it give strength to solve the problem in proper way. So when we feel afraid, alone and depress, counseling helps to overcome the problem.

Civil -70075

My concept and understanding was totally different after counseling session. Due to some activities in teenage hood I started to suffer mentally which badly affects my study, behavior and daily life style. I wasn’t able to take the decision of my life. But after getting counseling session from Pratima Mam I was able to lift my spirit. Also she encouraged me to prove with what I want to do. After sharing my problem with her I realized that I couldn’t use my feeling as excuse while searching for right way and every time we can’t be loyal to other in my case. I guess my life is different now. I found many positive things. Pratima Mam has strong character. She was kind and gentle to me but her words were firm when she spoke.

Architecture I/II

As a student of Kathmandu Engineering College, I would like to express the importance of the counseling for any student who are facing
problem. For me this counseling unit has played a great role to identify the reason of my problem and also help me to select the right track in order to carry out my aim. Therefore I would like to suggest for those students who are facing stress , frustration, pressure or any other psychological problem then we should knock the door of counseling section , it will help us to relief from our pain.

Shirish Bastakoti
Electronics and Communication department

I would like to express my experience as a student of Kathmandu Engineering college that most of the student, they get victim of stress, frustration and don’t get the right path to follow and make mistake while doing decision. I have lots of friends who are somehow affected by the problem and left this field and stay at home. But in my case I went to the counseling session and share my problem with the Mam. After sharing my problem I found myself very relief and somewhat I am enlightening and aware about my
situation which helps to make a decision. So in conclusion I would like request to visit Guidance and counseling unit and share the problems, it may helps you to stop quitting from the college. Hence a psychologist is not only need but essential to all the college.

Ruman G.C
Computer Department